The Catholic Womens League (CWL) of England and Wales


CWL is a worldwide organisation, united in friendship and love, where members use and develop their talents in projects for the world, the nation, the diocese and the parish.

National Presidents Christmas message

I am writing this message on my way home from our first Trustees and Executive meeting. I believe we are entering exciting times for the League and with the help of my excellent team we can all take the League forward.

Firstly, however, we are now entering the Church’s New Year with the start of Advent and we can’t fail to notice the twinkling lights, brightly decorated shop displays and the familiar Christmas tunes playing in the shops and on our streets.

But let us remember in our prayers the families that due to work commitments, or because they live too far away, cannot spend time with their families during this Festive season. Please remember also those, who through no fault of their own, are living on the streets estranged from their families and those who will spend Christmas alone.

If everyone of our 2,000 members was able to help one person less fortunate than ourselves at this time, in any way they can, what a difference this could  make.

God bless you all and may I wish you a very Happy, Peaceful and Holy Christmas.

Jeanette Collins, National President


The Catholic Women’s League was founded in 1906 by Mrs Margaret Fletcher. Our Patroness is Saint Margaret Clitherow.

For photo’s and report of our National Pilgrimage to York held on 30th August 2019 see the latest news post or visit our Facebook page.


(DAKAR 2018)

A healthy planet depends on all of us 2019

Oh God our Father, we call on you to send your Holy Spirit to inspire us to care for our beloved planet in a way that protects our waterways, oceans, flora and fauna and promotes sustainable human development that depends on these. We know that we are at times careless in these matters and we ask for your help to become more like Jesus Christ in our care for our wonderful home and world of nature as well as our compassion for our brothers and sisters who are most vulnerable. We recall that Jesus Christ will come at the end of time and we pray that He will find that we have been good stewards of creation.

We make this prayer through the same Christ our Lord.    Amen. 

Full report on the World Assembly as given at our AGM in November is posted on the WUCWO page.

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