An Advent and Christmas message from Pact

Dec 14, 2023 | Latest News

Theresa and Marie at Pact send greetings and a big thank you to CWL members for your AMAZING support:

How beautiful that so many people leaving prison are receiving a backpack of essential items provided by members – including woolly hats for these colder days. Imagine how it feels to walk out of the gate perhaps with no-one to meet you, not sure where you are going to sleep that night, but somehow hoping that you can make a fresh start. Christmas is a tough time to be in prison or to have a family member inside. A record 100,000 children across England & Wales will spend Christmas without their mum or dad because they are in prison this year. Some of our brothers and sisters inside will receive a stitched Cross in my Pocket from their prison chaplain – handmade by CWL members. People affected by imprisonment tell us that knowing someone cares about what happens to them, means a lot.

Thank you to CWL members for your inspirational demonstration of ‘caring with love’.