Being part of a group of women who share the same faith-values allows opportunities to ask speakers along on a wide variety of topics, some of which deepen our spirituality and some which give us a greater understanding of our locality, other faiths, history, crafts, charities and so on.

Popular topics include history of the local region, flower arranging demonstrations, local faith leaders explaining what their faith means to them, information on other countries etc.

As well as engaging speakers on a local basis, our members sometimes share their expertise with others in giving talks. It’s amazing what you learn from a short talk, sometimes awaking an interest to find out more with deeper study.

On a national basis, we always ensure a mixture of spirituality, charitable work, social and learning and there is often a crossover with those elements in the choice of speakers who are invited along. We deepen our understanding of social issues through talks from charities – recent years have included numerous talks about the plight of refugees, victims of trafficking and prison life – and deepen our faith through talks on spiritual issues. We ensure that we have a more light-hearted element as well.

Our affiliation with WUCWO (World Union of Catholic Women’s Organisations), the National Board of Catholic Women and whatever charity we are supporting on a national basis, give us excellent opportunities to tap into their learning programmes as well.

Ideas for Learning

• Invite a speaker from a local or national charity
• Local history walk or talk
• Invite someone from a museum to give a talk or bring along artefacts
• Ask parishioners or members to give a talk about their occupation
• Learn about another faith
• Invite the mayor or local MP to speak about their duties
• Presentation about another region or country
• Flower arranging demonstration
• Cooking demonstration
• Discuss a set book or a favourite book
• Have a “tech” session to learn a new computer or social media skill