Start a New Section

If there isn’t a group (Section) in your parish we would love to help you start one! It is easy to start and we would be with you every step of the way.

Step 1:

Ask your parish priest if he is willing to have a CWL Section within his parish. (Also consider neighbouring parishes who may wish to join you to form a group.)

Step 2:

Contact us at so we can give you any support you might need.

Step 3:

Gather a group of ladies who might be interested in joining to form a core group.

Step 4:

Establish which time of the day and day of the week on which you might wish to hold your meetings (most Sections meet once or twice a month).

Step 5:

Access our recruitment material and guidance to publicise the new CWL Section within your parish or deanery.

Step 6:

Invite potential members to an information meeting where they can find out about CWL and discuss a possible programme of events. Click here for Ideas for Meetings

Step 7:

Wherever possible, we’ll ask an experienced member to come along to chat to you.

Step 8:

Let our National Treasurer know at so she can help you set up a bank account.