What We Do

We work together in our local Sections with a real sense of purpose. By organising Days of Reflection, we nurture our faith; we support charitable projects; and are always there to help one another. By going beyond charitable acts with love, compassion, sympathy and tolerance, members show what it means to be a member of the Catholic Women’s League. And, we have fun doing it! Sharing a cup of tea… a glass of wine…

Discover more of what we do in Faith, in Charity, Socially and the things we are Learning.


Our faith and spirituality are central to everything we do within the Catholic Women’s League. We start and end each meeting with prayers and ensure that there are regular opportunities to explore our faith, celebrate Mass and the rosary together.


As members of the Catholic Women’s League we follow our motto of ‘Caring with Love’ diligently and this shows through in the many fundraising events and charitable projects carried out at Section, Branch and
National levels.


An important part of life as a CWL member is having fun. The lockdown period made everyone appreciate how important it is to have the company of others and our members value the camaraderie that develops through meeting together.


Being part of a group of women who share the same faith-values allows opportunities to ask speakers along on a wide variety of topics, some of which deepen our spirituality and some which give us a greater understanding of our locality, other faiths, history, crafts, charities and so on.