Who We Are

We are Catholic Women with a Catholic Voice

CWL is a worldwide organisation, united in friendship and love, where members use and develop their talents in a wide variety of projects. Members endeavour to exert influence in those issues rooted in social justice and peace, always seeking to make the voice of Catholic women heard.

Do come along and join other Catholic women on a journey of faith and friendship. To apply for membership and for further information, please contact the National Secretary on the button below.


The Catholic Women’s League has a long and proud history which began with our Founder, Margaret Fletcher (1862-1943). Margaret was the daughter of an Anglican clergyman and was born in Oxford in 1862.


Good governance is fundamental to a charity’s success. It enables and supports a charity’s compliance with the law and relevant regulations. It also promotes a culture in which everything works towards fulfilling the charity’s ethos and vision.


THE WORLD UNION OF CATHOLIC WOMEN’S ORGANISATIONS (WUCWO) encompasses 100 Catholic organizations from 50 countries, representing over 8m Catholic women worldwide.