The World Union of Catholic Women’s Organisations

THE WORLD UNION OF CATHOLIC WOMEN’S ORGANISATIONS (WUCWO) encompasses 100 Catholic organisations from 50 countries, representing over 8m Catholic women worldwide.
WUCWO has consultative status with UNESCO, the United Nations and the Human Rights Council giving visibility to women who are normally invisible in the eyes of many. 
CWL is proud to have had such a long and fruitful association with WUCWO. Our own founder, Margaret Fletcher, was President General from 1912 – 1913 and for over 100 years CWL has had a real presence, working with all the organisations to make the voice of women heard.

WUCWO’s aim is to promote the presence, participation and co-responsibility of Catholic women in society and the Church, in order to enable them to fulfil their mission of evangelisation and to work for human development. WUCWO’s greatest asset is the silent, committed and effective work that each of its women members puts into practice on a daily basis.

There is an abundance of news contained in Women’s Voice, WUCWO’s quarterly magazine.

Voices from our Member Organisations which are testimony to the commitment of WUCWO´s members on the theme: “Women in action – Overcoming the pandemic”.

CWL members also have the opportunity to attend webinars on a wide variety of issues. These can be accessed on the WUCWO website at wucwo.org 

On the Feast Day of Our Lady of Fatima, 13th May, WUCWO women all over the world pray in their groups the same prayer service. Countries take turns to prepare this and for 2023 it is the turn of Spain. This will be commemorated in a special way when WUCWO women are summoned to a private audience with Pope Francis in the Vatican, a milestone in the rich history of WUCWO. 18 CWL members will be present with Pope Francis.

All Sections have been sent the service in pdf format which is available on the Members’ Resources Page.

CWL is always represented at WUCWO General Assemblies, organised every 4 years.

In recent years, members have attended General Assemblies in Jerusalem, Fatima, Dakar and most recently in Assisi, May 2023.